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Discrete audio video surveillance

If you need to record the secret negotiations , Wind corruption or extortion, you will need to do the appropriate equipment. The type of recording device determines the success or failure of the event, and therefore it is good for his choice to devote sufficient attention.

In this section we will deal with all devices that can help with the acquisition of audio / video recording in places where the camera can not pre-installed, and you must therefore my together.

The most common use of hidden audio / video recorders are mainly for the following situations:

  • record of corruption or extortion
  • Problems with the transfer of the child of the former spouses
  • threatening, insulting or bullying another person

A hidden tape recorder in a flash drive or pen

Just when you purchase the actual audio recording, it is usually much easier than when it is needed, including video recording. Masked recorder in a flash disk can be clipped to carry keys, which during the negotiations lay on the table, whether it is in your hands.

If you wear the shirt, it is ideally suited to breast pocket put pen recorder.

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Car key with camera


One of the most commonly used hidden cameras. Pen camera is ideal attached to the breast pocket, where he can capture the whole situation.

Pen with a camera, you can also fit in a breast pocket can also be used for fail while your room or office during your absence.

+ Fit into a breast pocket or laying in a rack for pens

- The most commonly used a hidden camera (it may be in the minds of people)

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Hidden camera in the key is very practical especially for people who routinely entertain during an interview with the key in hand. On the bunch of keys hidden camera looks at the driver of the car quite naturally. The key can move so you do get shot exactly what you need.

+ Flexibility shot while holding in hand
+ very good camouflage among other key
+ key opportunity to be "forgotten" on the table and go to the free entry
+ option to run in a hidden pocket during already commenced negotiations

- If the key is on the table, the camera will not take face protisedícího (must stick to substantiate that faces obliquely upwards)

View the menu for keychains with the camera .

Watch camera

Watch the camera under normal circumstances it is not possible to know from the ordinary watch. The camera is very well camouflaged directly univtř dial.

+ Functions as a normal watch, so you will not forget always carry
+ flexibility occupied image

- The need to launch before the start of the event
- the need to rehearse the correct position of the hand, for the right shot

View the menu for Watches with camera .


Glasses with a camera

Glasses with a camera in most situations allows to capture the best records. That you have glasses mounted directly on the eyes, so you will always occupy what is not important without having to covert any thinking.

You can use the goggles to everything (camera + battery + recording device) directly inside the glasses, or glasses that contain only a camera or miniature battery storage and externally attached to the cable, enabling them to have a much more attractive design sunglasses. In return, it is necessary to disguise the cable that leads from the glasses - ladies it can easily hide under hair, gentlemen him again can mask a lanyard to secure glasses.

+ You will never happen to you that you will accidentally shoot "deaf" instead
+ option to start recording in the middle of the action (the variant with an external recording device)

- Be zamamuflovat cable (with variants with ext. DVR)
- feet wider than conventional glasses (the variant with a recording device inside of the lens)

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Bag with camera

Bag with the camera is very versatile tool for covert recording. The first method uses a bag to wear it slung over his shoulder, where after a short training to learn how to engage with the bag exactly what you need. The second way is that you can leave the bag on the table and let it scan your surroundings even during your absence.

Bag can of course also be used for storing things.

+ Flexibility to frame
+ bag possibility of having "forgotten" on the table
+ battery life up to 7 hours of continuous recording
+ multifunctionality





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