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Gold-Lock - Secure call, SMS and Files - licenca za 12 mesecev

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Dostupnost: Izvan Zaliha

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Thanks to many years of development with the Phone-X ranks among the best application that allows encrypted calls and offers much better features than competing solutions obsolete.


Why to choose Gold-lock?
Reason is cause Messages, voice, and files are encrypted directly inside the phone. So whole communication is fully end-to-end encrypted. Messages are not sent like standard SMS, but they are going throught the app, through 3G, not GSM. 





  • enables encryption of calls and SMS
  • only delay in milliseconds
  • multi-level encryption
  • secure contacts directory
  • Compatible with 99% of phones with Android OS
  • simple, intuitive operation
  • 7 Day FREE Trial

Access to the application and, therefore, all contacts are password protected. Application control is very simple and does not therefore require any training.

Application Phone-X except an encrypted call also allows sending encrypted SMS messages or sending files (in PRO version).


Absolutely safe communication
Because each call is generated unique key that is immediately after the call is destroyed, so the conversation is completely safe.No one, including the manufacturer of the application has a set of keys available and even if he wanted to, he is not able to decrypt the communication.

Warranty: 2 years

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Dodatne Informacije

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