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If you communicate often sensitive data on your phone, then it is time to consider using an encrypted phone. Encrypted Phone  will ensure that your communications will be completely secure and neodposlechnutelná.


  • It uses the strongest encryption algorithms currently
  • delay of only 0.5 - 1 second
  • encrypted directory of contacts
  • Call maximum security against all forms of eavesdropping
  • allows encrypted calls and SMS over 3G and WiFi

Cryptophone 500 has a specially modified Android OS, which calls except of encryption ensures a robust and comprehensive security for all communication. 

Directly into the operating system's integrated firewall protects your phone against any attacks. Firewall constantly monitors the CPU activity and detects any form of attack immediately starts a defense mechanism.

Any cryptographic phones from a variety Cryptophone have open source code, in which you can verify that the software is completely safe and has no "backdoors". Encryption IP phone is fully compatible with all other products from the Cryptophone (satellite phones, mobile phones, IP phones).

Encryption Method:

  • Voice is encrypted combination of algorithms AES256 and Twofish
  • replacement keys using 4096 bit Difiie-Hellman algorithm with SHA256 hash function
  • 256 bit effective key length
  • for each call is made ??unique key that is immediately after the call demolished

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