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CRYPTOBOSS Stealth za vplivneže

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We sell through the website to various customers our target audience is abroad. From business people to lawyers and to people in politics. We believe that doing business in a responsible way, but it should not be at the expense of privacy and safety.


We have unique algorithm with four layers encryption to combine with practicality. So that anyone who is not computer proficient can use his privacy and safety for his way of doing business. We have therefore developed the Cryptoboss Stealth stick with a reason. This gave to us the national media attention. The Cryptoboss stick is perfect untraceable USB, because it does not crack and is free of computer viruses and it is legal product.

Boss on the Crypto USB stick
Crypto Boss is a combination of hardware and software that is tailored to users who have privacy and security are of paramount importance. The Crypto Boss Stealth USB stick is made ??of anodized aluminum from the aerospace industry and can withstand forces up to 40 G. In addition, the drive is equipped with shock-absorbing means and waterproof to a depth of 200 meters.


Use Crypto Boss
You use Crypto Boss by stabbing the stick into one of the USB ports on your computer. The computer will then boot into the secure environment of Crypto Boss and does not use the hard drive. Any action you may have no effect on the computer you are using from the Crypto Boss. When you exit the operating system and then remove the stick from your computer, it is impossible afterwards to find out what work has done for you. Your data remains safely stored on the Crypto Boss, with a password chosen by you (the user). You can take your work with you wherever you so and continue on another computer.


Encryption Crypto Boss
Crypto Boss uses highly sophisticated encryption that makes it impossible for third parties to recover your data.There is also built in a time slot, creating a "brute-force" attack is completely useless. Each Crypto Boss comes with a unique master key which can be adjusted as desired using the included re-encryption key. There is no Crypto Boss stick with the same master key as yours.


Boss Software Crypto
Crypto Boss comes with software that is specifically tailored to privacy. Standard use can be made ??of our TorGuard VPN. You do not have to pay for no monthly fee. The TorGuard VPN ensures that all actions performed on the Internet are completely anonymous and no history or log file is kept, for example, the websites you visit or the messages you send. There are VPN servers available in almost all countries of the world. You want them to unlimited use it.


We equip every Crypto Boss Stealth USB stick with an office suite, accounting, web browser, email program and an editing suite. There is also a program available which allows you to send and receive encrypted messages with other users.


Benefits Crypto Boss
The big advantage of Crypto Boss compared to others is that we provide a combination of hardware and software that is immediately ready for use. Other privacy-centric operating systems must be downloaded by the user and installed in a very roundabout way on a USB stick. The Crypto Boss is much more user friendly and basically everyone to use out of the box.


Advantages over standard software solutions
- Secret "keys" are always stored safely in the Crypto Boss. It is impossible to remove them from it. All sensitive crypto-graphic parts are stored safely in the Crypto Boss. 
- You choose the password to unlock the Crypto Boss. This means you are protected against loss, theft and brute-force attacks to recover your password. 
- Immune to computer viruses, Trojan horses, phishing and other malware. 
- The design of the USB stick itself protects against attacks in laboratories. 
- Secret keys can be safely generated within the Crypto Boss to protect them against such attacks.


Advantages over proprietary software solutions
- The safety of Crypto Boss can be verified by yourself and independent parties to demonstrate that there are no backdoors exist. 
- Secret keys are generated by yourself, instead of a manufacturer or store. 
- For use with a large number of software packages such as Claws Mail, Wickr, LibreOffice, Vera Crypt and Tor Browser. 
- You can easily install your own programs because Crypto Boss uses an open system. 
- The Crypto Boss is not dependent on a particular store or business and is therefore safe investment. 
- The security is fully integrated into the USB stick itself. You are not dependent on us. 
- The growing number of users, the security increases and the users can help each other with reviews. 
- Transparent and open development through open source.


Standard security is not secure enough 
- In 2011 RSA Inc. cracked and secret keys of all their SecurID are stolen, so this equipment is to crack. 
- FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified USB flash drives from Kingston, SanDisk, Verbatim, MXI and PICO can be easily cracked using a default password ( unveiled in 2010).


High security
Your secret keys are always stored in the high-security USB stick and are safe from viruses, loss and theft. RSA keys up to 4096 bits and AES-256 are supported.


Open source
hardware and software are open source and can be tested by independent parties. Adaptable, no hidden back doors.


No back doors, no NSA
Crypto Boss is open source and no backdoors. Secret keys are determined by yourself! We can they not see!


Hidden data storage
The only hardware solution with hidden storage encryption. This gives you a plausible explanation for denying the existence of secure data, such as during border checks.

GB memory USB stick Crypto Boss:
The Boss Crypto USB stick is available in three variants and have 32, 64 or 128 GB of memory. The difference between the 32 GB and 64 GB and 128 is that the latter two have a separate partition where files can be saved on an extra layer exnryptie. The subsequent operation is the same.

Optional laptop and installation:
Due to many customer requests we also offer the Crypto Boss usb stick to along with a new 13-inch HP laptop with all settings correctly so put the crypto boss USB stick can be used immediately.

Package Contents:
- Crypto Boss USB stick 
-  manual

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