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5.0 out of 5 stars Great product, but use common sense, June 10, 2013
The whole point is for it to look like a battery, but seriously.... who is going to just be carrying batteries around with them? Yes, it says DURA-BELL on it. Big deal. There are all kinds of crummy generic batteries out there. Who cares what the name is?? If you want it to look more discrete then store it in a flashlight, or.... keep another real battery in there with it. I use it to store my jewelry when im at the gym, or public pool. One day someone had broken into the lockers at my gym and stole a lot of peoples things. The cops went through everyones bag before they could leave. My jewelry was safe. The cop didnt even look twice at my battery, which I assume is the benefit most who buy this product what to assume. Its a good buy. Just use your brain.

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