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Snemalnik pogovorov v USB ključku

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4GB spomina omogoča snemanje pogovor do 240 ur in do 4 ure z enim polnjenjem. Snemanje poteka v formatu WAV, ki je podprt na vsakem računalniku in predvajalniku. To je izjemen diktafon dimenzij zgolj 64 x 20 x 7 (mm). Garancija velja eno leto z veljavnim računom.


If you are looking for a unique way to record conversations, the USB Flash Drive Voice Recorder is for you. Charge it for 2 hours in your USB port on your computer, and you are good to go.

The battery life is 4 hours before you need to recharge.

The USB Flash Drive Voice Recorder needs no cables or batteries and recharges fully in just an hour and a half, perfect for the covert operative on the go. The built-in memory captures up to four hours of sound on a single charge. This ultra sophisticated device takes multitasking to the next level.

And no cables, software, or batteries to mess with when you have the USB Flash Drive Voice Recorder.


  • Dual action USB flash drive and audio recorder
  • Li-Ion battery recharges in just 2 hours
  • Record meetings, seminars, or for personal protection.
  • Easily plug into any computer to transfer files
  • No wires to set up or programs to download
  • Records for up to 4 hours on a single charge
  • On/Off switch for easy quick recording


Technical Specs:

  • Up to 160 hours of memory for long recordings
  • Power supply: Internal Li-Ion battery
  • Recharge time: 1.5 hours
  • Battery life: 4 hours continuous use



  • USB Voice Recorder / Flash Drive
  • Instructions


Additional Info

Additional Info

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