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GPS Tracker for Tracking a Person via SMS

The tracker is managed via GSM / GPRS (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) network and GPS satellites. You can specify a tracker position by sending sms at a given moment, and the tracker answers you with the current location back in the form of a sms message. This link is opened and displayed on your google map.

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The tracker is managed via GSM / GPRS (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) network and GPS satellites. You can specify a tracker position by sending sms at a given moment, and the tracker answers you with the current location back in the form of a sms message. This link is opened and displayed on your google map.

The kit contains: -GPS tracker spy102 - power supply: 100-240 VAC - USB cable - Two batteries - waterproof bag + cap with magnets for fastening to iron, metal under the vehicle - Charger -  instructions


Advantages of tracker:

- memory for 16,000 positions - waterproof when using the bag - tracking via SMS (Google map) - ready for use up to 80 hours - small size only 46 x 64 x 17mm - small weight only 40g Built-in battery and antenna (very easy to carry in your pocket or hidden inside the vehicle) - Supports orientation without a routing server: Position (latitude and longitude), speed and time can be found in real time, using software. - support of the software platform: using the platform, you can track in real time on an electronic folder, or via a GSM phone - in the event that the target, which you follow, enters the tunnel, an underground car park, in an area that is not covered by a GPS signal, keeps you informed of the last known location - support for hidden alarm and hidden surveillance - Geo-fence: Set the geo-fence to limit the movement in a particular district. The tracking device will send the message to an authorized GSM number if the device leaves the limit you have specified. - motion alarm: the device informs you on the authorized tel. in case it detects movement - Speed ​​alarm: the device informs you on authorized tel. in case the target exceeds the set maximum speed - alarm in case of an empty or bad battery Where can you all use the GPS / GPRS tracking device: - rent a car (car rental, carriers, TAXI services, etc.), installations located outside outdoors, .. - protection of children, elderly people, disabled people, pets, .. TEHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS - GPS chip: SIRF3 - GPS sensitivity: 159 dBm - GPS accuracy: 5m - Operating: cold-45s, hot-35s, hot-1s - Car charger: 12-24V input, 5V output (not included!) - Battery: 3.7V 1000mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery It provides 4 different tracking methods: - SMS tracking via GSM phone with Google map link (view current location on map or GSM phone) - SMS message with coordinates of the current location - Through the program on your PC - Through the free manufacturer's server  The SIM card (not supplied) can also be recharged remotely via another number. The average spending per month for average use is around 2-5 € (depending on the settings).


Quick instructions for the tracking device



The tracking device needs a SIM card if we want to monitor it remotely. Insert the SIM card (make sure the PIN is unlocked) with a minimum value of 5 € in the device. (You can charge your device online, for example, charging account extortion)    
  The commands we wrote in the form of a sms message and sent to the tracking device are marked with blue, and the answers are yellow: (the factory password is 123456). We initialed the start123456 for initialization. To confirm our hotbed you would like to receive messages but the admin123456 space is your phone number.
Nastavili smo še gprs: apn123456 in še uporabniško ime ter geslo:

z ukazom check123456 smo preveri status naprave, z gprs123456 pa smo vklopili APN (GPRS)

Imei boste rabili za če boste želeli slediti online in kjer opravite tudi kratko registracijo. Pri tem izberite server1

Primer sledilne naprave z uporabo gpstrackerx :

  Click "Play" to see this GPS Tracker in ACTION on a R/C Plane:

Have you purchased a tracking device, a tracking device, and have trouble using it?

Here you can solve most of the problems that may arise.

PROBLEM: GPS locator does not respond Make sure the SIM card is properly inserted and the PIN unlocked If the PIN is not unlocked, insert the SIM card into the phone and remove the PIN. Usually this is found in MENU - PHONE - Security - PIN code (may vary from phone to phone). Make sure the GSM tracking battery is full To be charged, you will know if the indicator flashes several times after inserting the SIM card. Make sure you have enough credit on your SIM cards If you do not have a credit card on the sim card, then the locator does not return sms messages .. Place the tracker open to the sky For the first time, it may take a long time before the tracker finds the satellites. So leave it for at least 5 minutes alone with a clear view of the sky and repeat the request if it fails. Make sure your phone is not calling the device from an unknown number Your phone number from which you are calling the device or sending it to smsm must be visible. PROBLEM: gps location is not refreshed for a long time The moment the GPS tracker signal has disappeared and sends data from the last location when it was still a signal. for example, the loss, the entrance to the garage or tunnel. In this case, the request will send the last known locations. Cheaper locators, trackers can temporarily lose a signal, for example when it's very cloudy or in the forest.





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