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Track bicycles and motorcycles

Do you have a bicycle or motorcycle and want to know where is the time when you are not using?

Are you afraid that you steal it?

We have a solution for you - GPS tracker for bicycles and motorcycles!

GPS Tracker has its own battery and is hidden in the lights, handlebar bike or insert it into the interior of the motorcycle.

Operating mode GPS tracker is simple:

1. GPS tracker for operation only needs a SIM card (you can install a SIM card or when we buy a prepaid SIM card Izimobil for € 9.95 with the holdings - in this case, your SIM card installed in the device) for the operation is necessary in the GPS tracker install a subscription or a prepaid SIM card, which must be unlocked (not included verification PIN) and involve the transfer of data (for Slovenia or abroad, if you would like to use the tracker abroad).

2. GPS tracker call or send a text message

3. On your phone receives a return SMS with the current location along with a link to a Google map where you see exactly where your car is located

Apart from checking the current location you can also configure the tracker that you inform yourself, if the vehicle is moved.

For all followers can subscribe to monitor your GPS tracer live and viewing history through the phone, tablets or computer - better models of GPS tracers have this kind of monitoring is already included!

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5 Item(s)

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