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Bestselling listening devices + SIM (no subscription, no obligation!)

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It is simple to use.
Fill the device before use by 230V charger or USB cable, which is connected to the computer. Then insert the SIM card (as shown in the pictures), turn off the PIN code and the device is already operating. Install it can go anywhere with double-sided adhesive tape or simply place it in a hidden place. Also, you can hide it in another object, such as the cover of video cassettes, suitcase, toys, ...

When you call the inserted SIM card, a listening device reports automatically and you can listen to what is happening in the room where it is installed. Without speakers and Vibram, so that during your call does not ring and no sound.

Without limiting the distance the user can eavesdrop from anywhere since it works over the cellular network.

Technical information:
- in-built rechargeable Li-ion battery
- standby lasts approx. 7 days
- Weight 24 g
- dimensions: 4 x 3 x 1 cm

Package includes:
- eavesdropping device
- USB charging cable
- Slovenian user guide
- 1 year warranty

CAUTION: Seller is not responsible for illegal use of the device!

Product Features:
Work frequency (900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz)
Ultra small dimension 4 x 3 x 1 (cm)
Weight: only 24g
Excellent stand by and working time, compared with other similar products.
The excellent sound quality makes more reliable.
Technical information:
Power: 24 hours of non-stop
Card Compatible: GSM / SIM
Microphone Range (meter): 5 ~ 7 (radius)
The receiving sensitivity of - 10 K
Working temperature: -40 ~ 50'C
Response frequency: 1.2K ~ 800Khz
Stand-by Time: Support voice control in 3-5 days, 10-15 days without voice control




Before first use, charge the battery via the USB port on your computer or via the supplied adapter.

Charges for about 2 hours.

On the back of the machine, open the cover and insert the SIM card with the flat end forward and so that
contacts on the SIM card is facing down. Push it to the end, if installed correctly will devote blue

Wait a minute, that device is initialized, and then dial the number of sim card which you insert into your device
(If the SIM card is protected by a pin code, insert the card prior to the phone and the phone odstanite pin code
Otherwise the device will not work.)

The appliance is programmed to know which number to call when the sound heard in the room.
To do so, the device called from one cell phone to which you want to indicate.

The device can also turn on or off via SMS "0000"

If the phone when you call the machine, you will hear: "number is temporarily unavailable, please call later" means that it is necessary
Charge the battery or the cell phone signal in the area where the device is too weak.



Example of sound from 1 meter:

 from 5 meters:

 from 10 meters:



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Additional Info

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