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Against eavesdropping reviews

Guided eavesdropping inspection  are designed for those who have not reached our equipment nor the expertise of, training, so we decided to make your visit of our experts, who have years of experience with eavesdropping and equipped with our proper technique, which is incomparable with conventional detectors signal .

portfolio of services

  1. Search for eavesdropping on the premises
  2. Search localization and listening devices in cars
  3. Spatial security against eavesdropping
  4. VIP controls

Protislušni checks are made up of various elements, components, each of which is used to detect other types of eavesdropping devices. Our visit will reliably protect against all security threats, including passive sampling devices.

The individual parts of review:

  1. actively detect listening devices  with a digital analysis of RF spectrum analyzer spectrum and subsequent localization using handheld detectors
  2. Passive eavesdropping revelations  to help WHG audio frequency generator
  3. detecting manipulation on fixed lines  with LTA
  4. protection against  hidden, miniature  pinhole lenses  using lens IR Detector LINE

By combining individual modules achieve a higher level of performance. Depending on the intensity of review is used 1-3 experts. 

Prices profile protislušni inspection of premises (with VAT) min. 700 EUR or:  
do 50m² 24, - EUR / 1m² 
do100m² 22, - EUR / 1m²
do 200m² 20, - EUR / 1m²
More than 200 sq.m. 19, - EUR / 1m²
Prices profile protislušni inspection of the vehicle (including VAT)
Small and medium-sized car 650, - EUR
WATER 700, - EUR





All our prices to see eavesdropping are final and include transport in Slovenia.

Inspections of vehicles is carried out directly with a specialist corporate clients. Condition of the principal is to provide access to underserved areas (eg. Garage).

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