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Mini Cameras

Spy and hidden cameras are the preferred device when you want to know exactly what is in your absence happening in your area.

According to the method of use of hidden cameras separated on:

1. Hidden cameras for personal wear - used to discreetly record meetings, meetings, judicial enforcement or intervention. Because they are usually small size have a short period of recording, but you can podajšamo using the external battery.

2. Hidden cameras premises - used to discreetly record during your absence at home or in the office. They are intended for long recording times from a few days to a few months in the event of activation in the perception of movement.

3. hidden cameras for recording purpose - used for special purposes, such as. recording drive or recording outdoors regardless of the energy source and the weather conditions.

According to the method of seeing hidden camera footage divided into:

1. Record and look back - the recording is stored on a micro SD card, then you can look at your computer or phone.

2. WIFI hidden camera - a hidden camera is connected to a local WiFi network, which allows us to not only watch the live event, but also makes playback from SD cards via the Internet from anywhere in the world, including configuration and changing the settings on the camera. Viewing via PC, iOS or Android apps.

3. 3G and LTE cameras - if not on location shooting a WiFi signal, you can use such cameras at the moment of perception of movement receive MMS or e-mail message over the GSM network.

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