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Nanny Cams

Today's electronic nannies are on WiFi technology and are designed for smart control of the child.

Also called baby monitors, and with them easily monitored our baby, toddler or malčico through the iPhone or Android phones and tablets.

The camera is prepared to operate in the blink of an eye, we simply scan the QR code on the camera.

Baby monitors, WiFi prikažeju perfectly clear HD picture 720p HD video.

Electronic nanny has a built-in smart tech technology 940nm infrared LED without red light, which allows you to see the baby for a distance of 5m without the IR led him in any way disturbing.

Cam control of the child, the infant is equipped with treats such as the built-in motion detector detects the temperature and the noise and motion detection, noise or example. too low temperature near your child can send an alarm via e-mail.

At alarm recordings can be stored on a micro SD card that is installed in this outstanding baby camera.

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5 Item(s)

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