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Avto kamera A118 B40 - G-Sensor 1.5" HD Screen 170 Degree Wide Angle Lens Records at 60 FPS with Loop Recording

Advantages:  Price, Video quality (by day: 9/10, night: 6/10), Build quality, Mounts directly to windscreen and is discreet

Disadvantages: Wavy background noise

Final Word: Unique dash cam with magnetic mount and decent video quality. Has some drawbacks (no desktop player, Chinese voice prompts, not the most discreet styling)

A great upgrade from the G1W if you are looking for better build quality and a more discreet form factor.

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Compact and Contoured Design Built for Disguise: The spy118 Dashboard Camera is extremely compact, and slots in slightly above and in front of your rear-view mirror. It's black facing blends in perfectly with the exterior of the mirror, making it look like any other part of your car. The camera's bracket attaches to the windshield with an included double-sided adhesive, allowing you to easily slide your camera in and out of recording position.

High Definition 1080p Video Resolution, Plus Audio Recording: The spy118 offers you a number of resolution options, letting you record in high definition 1080p at 30fps or 720p at 60fps. During the day, the camera's 1080p resolution perfectly captures your surroundings, while the speaker provides audio recording.

Built-in 1.5' HD Screen: With the built-in 1.5 inch HD TFT (type of LCD display), you can orient your camera for that perfect viewing angle. You can also watch already recorded footage on the go, without having to tinker with or transfer files to another device.

Sweeping 170° Viewing Angle: The 170° viewing angle stands head and shoulders above most other dashboard cameras, which fall in the 120°-150° range. The extended angle gives your recordings a panoramic quality that encompasses both sides of the road, and it’s surroundings.

Odlična na testu, z dostavo v Slovenijo ta originalna stane ravno toliko kot pri nas! 

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Additional Info

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