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Security is vital, it is also trust. But sometimes it is not trusted or trust is misused. Feel angry or hide grief, disappointment and pain. Holding the head will not make the right decisions. If you are looking for a culprit, we may have an answer. Already suspect, but want confirmation? We helped in the cases of theft, vandalism, personal problems with a partner, minors, employees, etc.). Spyshop can help you, as we specialize in audio and video surveillance and spyware. With us you can find the most equipment for personal protection or control.

We follow the vision and we are world with the most equipment in one place. We are developing new products and we believe in the success of the company at every step. We work with pleasure and we are sure of the products we offer. And then there are satisfied customers!

Story of Sucess

When You Need to Find Out. We are specialists in audio and video surveillance. In one place we offer tracking devices, spy cameras, eavesdropping devices and other control equipment. In doing so, we combine experiences in cooperation with global manufacturers in this field. Our subscribers are all citizens and citizens who care about what is happening to them. However, a certain segment of equipment meets the highest requirements for work in secret operations, police, detective activities.

Spy shop The EU combines the most spy equipment for eavesdropping, detection and personal protection. A real offer in one place where we are committed to security, personal protection and protect your family, home or business.


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Visit us in our new store & demo center in Ljubljana, SI.

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All of our products or DIY packages are customized and optimized for what most users are looking for. To the fullest extent, the best-performing features required by the video surveillance solution are taken into account. In case you want a custom video surveillance system, we can do this and build you a bid based only on the features you will specify. In case of dissatisfaction with our products, we offer unconditional refund of money within 45 days after payment of the invoice. Spyshop is a novelty in Slovenia and already satisfies more than 1000 users, which proves that we are on the right track and that we are the best and the most competitive provider of hidden video surveillance systems in Slovenia.

Visit us in our new store & demo center in Ljubljana, SI.